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A no-prep adventure for World of Dungeons

Noctis Labyrinth is a compilation of modules laser-focused on your GMing needs. Based on John Harper’s minimalistic World of Dungeons, it is designed for quick pick and play, with complementary chapters expanding the game towards longer campaigns.

In Noctis Labyrinth a red desert encompasses the known world. Only one bastion of civilization remains, Cardea, the last refuge of humanity; a city held together by a tyrannical ruler and the feeble alliances of a its rival factions. The characters—adventurers, rebels and outcasts—are pushed towards the barren lands searching for treasure and the artifacts of ancient civilizations, deeply buried inside a maze-like series of canyons and tunnels that scar the Red Desert.

Fearsome beasts, strange demons, roaming bands of bandits and the powerful spirits that shift the sands to their whim stalk these lands, and you are charged with delving into the domains of the most dangerous spirit of all.

Inside you will find

    This module is designed for pick and play, designed for you to crack it open and start running, no preparation required. Just follow the text and start the adventure.
    It holds expanded character creation rules, a map of the labyrinth dotted with dangerous locations, a series of exciting encounters, and rules for exploring the dangerous lands of the Red Desert.
    A one-hour one-shot module designed for time-constrained environments (like running at an event, a club, or just a very short session), the Renegade Wizard is an action scenario where the characters have to confront a mad sorcerer who threatens to overtake Cardea, and destroy civilization as we know it.
    It is written as an extended encounter, with rules for fighting powerful enemies, dark magick, and strange technological phenomena. It comes with 4 pregen characters, and a new unlockable spirit for your wizarding players.
    A classic dungeon crawling adventure, filled with artifacts of a forgone era, dangerous creatures, and cryptic clues about the true origins of Cardea; the Fire-Eyes Ruin are described in depth, and designed for a slower paced, longer play.
    In this module you will find a full map, new creatures, and rules for dungeoneering.

Video Read-through by Cezar Capacle

Cezar was kind enough to do a complete read through as part of his Unzipping series. If you're curious about what's inside Noctis Labyrinth, give it a watch!

And of course, check out his YouTube channel for more indie games reviews.

Community Copies

Hey, you can't afford this? No sweat, I'm broke too! Hit me up at mrdr.hobo.games@gmail.com, I will slip you a copy, no questions asked.

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